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May 15, 2024

iGlide Version 2.9.63 now available! 

🚀 What’s new:

  • In addition to GlideRatio (L/D) to next waypoint, there is now a new NavBox option to show Required GlideRatio (L/D) to the final destination
  • Bugfix for editing Route Waypoints: This includes setting altitude limits, or editing angles on keyhole sectors
  • Bugfix for LXNAV BLE Module not connecting
  • More improvements to Airspace Overview; improved readability of texts


May 10, 2024

⚠️ The latest iGlide version (2.9.62) has an issue with some screens for editing Route Waypoints. This includes setting altitude limits, or editing angles on keyhole sectors.

Meanwhile it has been fixed with priority and will be included in the upcoming iGlide app update.

April 12, 2024

iGlide Version 2.9.62 now available! 

🚀 What’s new:

  • Improved Airspace Overview, reduced clutter from overlapping airspaces
  • Improved panning on Map: dragging/panning not limited to small distances anymore
  • Bugfix for Importing user files directly from device (other than waypoint files)
  • Bugfix for iOS 12 users: opening the Menu
  • Bugfix for iOS 12 users: other UI improvements
  • Various textual/language improvements
  • Default App Store language (outside of Germany and US/UK) changed from German to English
April 10, 2024

🛠️ Some users have reported issues with running the latest iGlide version (2.9.61) on iOS 12. Even though this iOS version is very old, the issues have been fixed and will be included in the upcoming app update.

🛠️ Another reported issue, is that importing custom airspace files directly within iGlide currently doesn’t work correctly. There is a workaround, which is explained in this support article.

March 28, 2024

iGlide Version 2.9.61 now available! 

🚀 What’s new:

  • Bugfix for configuring NavBox Layout
  • Preparation for App Store language change. The main language in the App Store outside of Germany will become English.
March 26, 2024

iGlide Version 2.9.6 now available! 

🚀 What’s new:

  • New feature to quickly show logged IGC files on a map from within your Logbook
  • Improved UI for NavBoxes, Map screen, Menu and more
  • New style for the Map Context menu on iPhone
  • Onboarding now accessible again through Settings

🐛 Important Bugfixes:

  • Bugfix for Elevation and Topo Label data: the data did not always show up after downloading Maps Tiles. If you encountered this issue, please reload your Map Tiles now either through Onboarding or Settings
  • Bugfix for User File Import: did not show Direct Import option on iPad version
  • Multiple bugfixes for behaviour when rotating your device on iPad version
  • Bugfix on Onboarding steps not covering the entire space on iPad version
  • Bugfix on Vertical Airspace overviews were some labes were unreadable in Dark Mode
  • Further Improvements through entire app for Dark Mode and switching between light/dark modes